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Azure API Management - Your back-end api (Part 2)

** UPDATED IN OCTOBER 2018 TO USE Azure DEVOPS **(Alternate Title) Build Test Deploy your NodeJS app on Azure Cloud using Azure DevOps Introduction This is part 2 of a series of posts where I will be talking about exposing your back-end apis via Azure API Management as production ready apis.
In this post I will discuss a sample scenario that we will use throughout this series to explore the capabilities of the platform.  In this post we will: Start with a sample scenarioLook at the APIs we will later be exposing via APImHave an swagger file that defines our api endpointsRun our app locallyUse Postman to test out our app's API endpointsExplore the unit tests written for our appSetup an ALM pipeline using Azure DevOpsBuild our app & run unit tests using Azure DevOpsUse Azure CLI to create an App Service to deploy our appUse Azure Devops to deploy your app
Lets look at the following sample scenario then ...

1. Sample Scenario The sample app for this scenario exposes a RESTful {:/m…
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Azure API Management - Add rate limiting & consuming the api (Part 4)

Introduction This is part 4 of a series of blog posts where I will be talking about how rate-limiting is configured. We will look at the developer's perspective of the API (developer portal).
In the last post we published the "yo-blog" API via the publisher portal. The URL of the publisher & developer portal is In this post we will need to log into this portal as both: An API PublisherAn API consuming developer (using the API)

Rate Limiting & Products Rate limiting is tied to the "Products".

"Products" essentially refer to your API offerings. In this example we will create an API offering with the following settings.

To accomplish this, log into the publisher portal & click "Products" & click ADD Product". Then follow the screenshots below.

Click Products & then click ADD PRODUCT
Then add the details for the new product. Then click Save.

Then click on the newly created product


Azure API Management - Creating a gateway & exposing your api (Part 3)

Introduction This is part 3 of a series of blog posts where I will be talking about creating an Azure API Management gateway to expose a "back-end service".
In the last post I discussed a sample back-end service that we created. From the last post we now have an API definition which we can use in this post to create a gateway & expose our api. 
The url of the API definition as discussed in the last post is
Ok then lets setup our gateway now.

Setting up an Azure API Management Gateway
Step 1: You need a resource group To begin with you will need to create a resource group. The "back-end" service we created in the previous post will ideally be in the same resource group. 
Creating one is simple enough. Start by clicking the + icon on your azure portal & then simply follow the prompts as shown in the screenshots below:

Step 2: Add API Management to your Resource Gro…