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Build Status Notification Lamp - TFS2010

Web Mail Notifier Sillyness

We have a dedicated build wall which is pretty efficient in displaying the build information. It really is!

BUT, ever since I moved my desk away from the big screen TV's that display the build notifications, it makes it difficult to tell what's the status of the builds at our morning stand-up.

This was until a couple of days ago a friend got me hooked on to the "USB Web Mail Notifier" available here. (Although, I bought mine off some random dude on EBay (from the UK).

All I really needed was to know if our Nightly Builds that run our Unit and Integrations Tests failed.

Now I know that there are heaps of other ways to get this information but the one I went with appealed to my inner nerd :)

By using a simple powershell script I am able to query our Team Foundation Server (TFS-2010) to see if the latest Nightly Build has been successful.

The powershell script and the binaries required to use the USB light are available here at…

Find Overlapping Date Ranges

I recently had to implement a "DateRange" validator to check for any overlaps in the date ranges.

Here is my approach to it :

I started with a custom DateRange class.

public class DateRange
public int SortOrder { get; set; }
public DateTime Start { get; set; }
public DateTime End { get; set; }

public DateRange() {}

public DateRange(DateTime sTime, DateTime eTime)
Start = sTime;
End = eTime;

Then I call the "HasOverlap" method on my validator to check for overlaps.

* 1. Take a List of date ranges. Example:
[Tuple A] -------- [Sort Order 1]
[Tuple B]-------- [Sort Order 2]
[Tuple C] -------- [Sort Order 3]
[Tuple D] -------- [Sort Order 4]
[Tuple E] -------- [Sort Order 5]
[Tuple F] ---------- [Sort Order 6]

* 2. Now sort the range by start + End Dates. This re…