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Recently a friend of mine spoke to me about an amazing web development tool from Yahoo called "YSLOW"

You can download the plugin at
YSlow analyzes web pages and suggests ways to improve their performance based on a set of rules for high performance web pages.
The tool runs tests & gives an overall performance score for websites. It categorises different problems on a scale of A to F with F being by-far the most urgent problems that need fixing.
For example, a test run on the website gave an overall score of 68 & the most critical recommendations included making fewer HTTP requests, a CDN Network, Minify Javascripts, configure E-Tags etc.
Some general rules to follow recommended by YSlow are listed below:
1.Minimize HTTP Requests
2.Use a Content Delivery Network
3.Avoid empty src or href
4.Add an Expires or a Cache-Control Header
5.Gzip Components
6.Put StyleSheets at the Top

Terminal Server Commands: QUERY

Terminal Server Commands: QUERY

The query utilities are used to display current information about the system such as the current allocation of resources and system status. The query command can invoke any one of the query utilities. The command line format is:

query [appservers | object | process | session | user] [/?]
/? (help)

Query Appservers - ExamplesTo display information about all application servers found on the network, type:
query appservers

To display information about the fasteddie application server, type:
query appservers fasteddie

To display information about all application servers in domain SYSTEM, type:
query appservers /domain:system

To display the network and node address for the NABBY application server, type:
query appservers NABBY /address

These commands are extremely helpful "when good servers go bad". An example is shown below. This is an easy way of checking the state of your rdp sessions on a server & resetting any connections that you need to.

Installing and Configuring a Build Service, Build Controller and Build Agent for VS2010 and TFS2010

Install Team Foundation Build ServiceThis procedure describes how to install Team Foundation Build Service.

If you're installing this build service as a part of Lab Management, choose the "tfsadmin" account that you used while configuring TFS2010 for Lab Management. (Have a look at the "Prerequisites"

From the installation DVD/ISO for Visual Studio Team Foundation Server, start either the 32-bit or the 64-bit setup.exe to match the operating system that you are running.

On the Welcome page, click Next.

On the License Terms page, read the terms of the license. Click I have read and accept the license terms, and then click Next.
Click Build Service, and click Install.

If the installation wizard prompts you to restart your server, click Restart Now. After the server is restarted, installation resumes. Click Finish. ( I got an error with my installation, you shouldn't. )
Configuring the Build Service
Now that you …

Installing and Configuring a Test Controller and a Test Agent for VS2010 and TFS 2010

To run tests remotely on one or more computers using Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, you have to install a test controller, and test agents. You install a test controller on any suitable computer, and a test agent on each of the computers that are running components of the system under test. The test controller communicates with the test agents to initiate the tests and to collect test result data.

Before you install test controller and test agents, you should verify that you have the required hardware and software to meet your specific needs. For detailed information on test controller and test agent hardware and software requirements, see Test Controller and Test Agent Requirements.

There are two principal scenarios in which you install test controllers and agents:

Remote tests: You want to run tests by using Visual Studio 2010, and you want to run the system on one or more computers that are separate from your Visual Studio computer.
In this case you have to:

Install a test controller on …