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Venturing into the Revealing Module Pattern with JavaScript

I came across Addy Osmani's blog post about Learning JavaScript Design Patterns the other day. Loved it!

I think I'm one of those silly developers that gets super-duper excited when I see something that I like and then get to put it in practice. Well, I did exactly that. :)

I loved what Addy said about design patterns:
"Patterns are not an exact solution. It’s important that we remember the role of a pattern is merely to provide us with a solution scheme. Patterns don’t solve all design problems nor do they replace good software designers, however, they do support them".  Let's get into it then ..

I was writing a rule engine for a part of our application. As you can see in the code below, the sp.editor.rulesnamespace contains the methods such as MeetsButtonCriteria that I can call.

$(function () {
if (sp && sp.editor) {
// Initialise the rules namespace
sp.editor.rules = sp.editor.rules || {};

// Private methods

Hack-ED with Kirk Jackson & Andy Prow

TechED 2013I recently attended 2 amazingly fun filled Hack-Ed sessions at Microsoft's TechEd, Australia. The speakers were Kirk Jackson and Andy Prow. And as promised, there was live hacking on stage and awkward humour that will made us cringe (in a good way). Not to mention, I won a chocolate bar! Yay!

I have posed a link to both their sessions below but I though I'd quickly touch on a few important things that they spoke about. I also highly recommend you follow their blog at

Kirk and Andy went through a couple of recent security breaches around the world (I've listed a few below). But what was really funny was that most of them were easily preventable.

I know you've probably heard this before, but as web developers, security should not be an after-thought to the development process, but rather an integral part of your design. I highly recommend that you have a read through the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP). They have recently up…

I got 99 Problems but Visual Studio ain't one

Stuff from Microsoft TechED Australia 2013So this is my first post from this year's Microsoft TechED. This being my first time to an event such as this, I've been super pumped and excited all along. The excitement and energy at the event is almost palpable.

The sessions I have attended thus far have been crazy fun. I must admit, when they previewed new features in Visual Studio 2013 I almost felt week in the knees!

Visual Studio 2013 comes with a swanky new CSS and HTML Editor with amazing type-specific intellisense. They've really taken intellisense to the next level with intellisense support for your JS Object model.

And added crazy new features, features like "Browser Link" can be described best as black magic. It leverage's SignalR and allows you to EDIT ACTUAL SOURCE CODE FROM WITHIN THE BROWSER! Say what!!!

Most of the older zen-coding features still remain, but even better, the "Format Selection" feature is so much more intuitive (I know it seems…