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Part 1: Async requests in ASP.NET MVC 4 when working with Session [Understanding the problem]

This is a multi-part post dedicated to Async requests in ASP.NET MVC 4 when working with Session. Be sure to follow this series starting from the first post to gain a clear understanding.

Our ObjectiveA part of the application that we're developing at Panviva required us to download an xml file generated by our legacy system via a web service call to the existing application server. While the task at hand was was easy to accomplish, I noticed that the time it took to generate the file could take a few minutes. Additionally it blocked the user from making any other requests while it processed. I know, YIKES!!

Of course its not acceptable cause while that request responded, the user in that session could pretty much do nothing else.

How web servers respondIts important to understand how the web server responds to requests.

On the web server, the .NET Framework maintains a pool of threads that are used to service ASP.NET requests. When a request arrives, a thread from the pool is dispatc…