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Part 2: Async requests in ASP.NET MVC 4 when working with Session [Thread Starvation my A$$]

This is a multi-part post dedicated to Async requests in ASP.NET MVC 4 when working with Session. Be sure to follow this series starting from the first post to gain a clear understanding.

Catch up from the last postSo in our last post it looked like it was Thread Starvation that was causing the all synchronous request to be queued and run sequentially. NOT! 
It wasn't Thread Starvation after allSo for thread starvation to occur, I should have exhaused all of the 5000 threads that were available. Seeing that I was hosting my application locally & was the only person accessing my website I couldn't have exhaused all my available threads (specified by MaxWorkerThreads). So we could deduce that it wasn't Thread Starvation.
What is it then?Looks like i overlooked a key piece of information in my last post. The requests that were queuing up were all a part of the same session
How thread pools really workOn the Web server, the .NET Framework maintains a pool of threads that are…