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DEV MONTHLY #1: Coding Design Patterns

Coding Design Patterns

One of the most important aspects of writing maintainable code is being able to notice the recurring themes in that code and optimize them. This is an area where knowledge of design patterns can prove invaluable.

What is a Pattern you ask?
A pattern is a reusable solution that can be applied to commonly occurring problems in software design. The best part is, you might be using them without even knowing it!

Why would you use a well-known pattern?
Patterns are proven solutions and provide solid approaches to solving issues in software development Patterns can be easily reused as they can be adapted to suit our own needsPatterns can be expressive as there’s generally a set structure and vocabulary to the solution

Patterns you must know (Language Agnostic)
Below, I am going to highlight some patterns that I love using & I think any good developer must know, but this in no way is a complete list. Be sure to share your fav patterns with others.

Note: I won’t be covering …