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Apache ActiveMQ with .NET Applications using Apache.NMS.ActiveMQ

The purpose of this repository is to help run a simple tutorial on how to integrate .NET applications with ApacheMQ using the NMS library. If you'd like to follow the tutorial, please head to the wiki page & read the "Tutorial". Be sure to read the other pages before you commence the actual tutorial so that you understand important concepts. OverviewMessage Queues enable applications running at different times to communicate across heterogeneous networks and systems that may be temporarily offline. Applications send messages to queues and read messages from queues. The following illustration shows how a queue can hold messages that are generated by multiple sending applications and read by multiple receiving applications. Apache ActiveMQ ™ is one the most popular and powerful open source messaging and Integration Patterns server. Based on JMS, it allows an asynchronous communication mechanism in the distributed system field. It is fast, supports many Cross Language Clie…