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An introduction to the Microsoft Bot Framework

Today was Day One of the Microsoft Ignite Australia event held in sunny Gold Coast that 2 of my colleagues & I got the chance to attend.

I loved the sessions around the Microsoft Cognitive Services & the Microsoft Bot Framework which inspired me to write my first bot.
What are bots?Bots are simply applications that perform automated tasks. A simple example is a chatbot. An interesting example of such a bot is "Dom the pizza bot". Instead of calling up or ordering online, customers will be able to simply message Dom, the Domino’s pizza bot, and request food with a single world or emoji.

Even Cortana or Siri are example of such bots. Clearly showing how bots are the way of the future!
How do these bots communicate you ask?Most use-cases for bots include instances where bots are communicating with users & providing insights without any specific human intervention. 
The medium through which these bots communicate are called "Channel(s)". 
At the time of writing t…